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The Professional Lighting and Sign Management Association was founded in 2001 with the mission to create a better option for customers seeking national lighting and sign management services.  We believed that the best services were performed by independent companies who take pride in their work, place their reputation behind every project or service call and understand and respect local laws and codes.

Back then the challenge was in pulling together the best independent companies who generally serve very specific cities, territories or regions in an efficient manner and do so at a competitive cost. By capitalizing on the resources from the largest independent contractors and combining the oldest and most respected companies in the lighting and sign industry the PLASMA lighting network was established. 

Today the PLASMA LIGHTING NETWORK enables our customers access to the best lighting and sign management companies across the USA in a one-stop fashion.  Our member firms are all established, credible and have earned their membership. The companies of PLASMA are the top quality firms who have deep client relationships and strong ties to the community.  We embrace collaboration between members because we understand it helps us get in front of industry challenges so we can efficiently deliver solutions to our customers.  The association provides members with an unbeatable combination: the comprehensive size and scope of a large multinational company while offering their clients the continuity, consistency and quality service of a local firm.  

The PLASMA LIGHTING NETWORK means our companies hit the ground running bringing solutions to our customers quickly because we are experts in lighting and signs, we are staffed up, equipped and have the on-site inventory to handle your lighting retrofit, electrical, lighting or sign service need

In this challenging economy it just makes sense to leverage off the existing ready-made nature of the PLASMA LIGHTING NETWORK to help keep your facilities and your business moving forward. 

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