Why Professional Lighting And Sign Management Companies of America?  The PLASMA LIGHTING NETWORK has assembled a team of seasoned lighting management professionals throughout the country, establishing a higher and more reliable level of regional and national – interior/exterior lighting and sign services.


Lighting Maintenance
Sign Maintenance
Energy Auditing
Lighting Retrofits

Synergism at PLASMA – we have combined the “best practices” of the “best in class” regional lighting & sign maintenance companies, created a network of more than 30 Lighting Consultants and 25 Certified Lighting Management Consultants, established the buying power of a $200 million company, created manufacturer and warranty service alliances with many major lighting manufacturers, all to provide our national clients with a seamless “one stop” approach to their lighting and sign service needs.

Let us take the burden out of lighting

Get control of your lighting cost issues!  Our specialists can analyze your operational needs and make specific recommendations.  Let our partnership bring the strengths of eighteen excellent organizations to work for you.

Your issues on your terms

From the initial analysis through on-going maintenance, all projects are based on mutually agreed-upon terms.  No “mystery” or surprise costs.

Let us handle the details

Our experts can help you take advantage of technological improvements and cost savings in the lighting and signage industry, allowing you and your staff to focus on other matters.  Let the strength and experience of our team take care of all the details and leave you with peace of mind.

Understanding our clients

Very seldom do you find a retail organization where an individual is responsible for Visual Merchandising, Construction, Maintenance and Energy Savings.  In most retail organizations there are four separate individuals responsible for each of the departments, all with their own goals and objectives.  The Visual Merchandiser wants 100% true color, 5/1 light level ratios on the end cap displays, while on the other side of the corporate offices you have the Energy Czar that has been assigned the task of cutting energy usage by 50%.  PLASMA’s Lighting Consultants specialize in designing and providing retailers with cost effective solutions that enhance the retail space, all while reducing your energy costs and keeping your construction and maintenance departments within budget.

In these times of tight budgets and limited resources PLASMA is increasingly called upon to provide turnkey solutions, delivering advanced technologies and “BEST OF CLASS” practices.  Our longstanding reputable, innovative companies lead our clients to HIGHER GROUND. 

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