Member Benefits


The members of PLASMA are top quality firms who have deep client relationships and strong ties to the community. We embrace collaboration between members because we understand it helps us get in front of industry challenges so we can efficiently deliver solutions to our customers.

Our association provides members with an unbeatable combination: the comprehensive size and scope of a large multinational company while offering their clients the continuity, consistency, and quality service of a local firm. 


We seek to grow and improve our member companies

  • We expand your coverage area so you can serve clients nationwide.

  • We share leads to help each other succeed.

  • We showcase our members to increase awareness through our association and industry.


We share our experience and expertise with each other

  • We pool our combined industry intelligence to improve our member and customer experience.

  • We identify and share industry best practices with each other.

  • We share advice about management practices, financial and operations metrics, staff training, and recruiting.


We offer professional development

  • We hold two face-to-face meetings per year for active members, or one face-to-face meeting for associate members

  • We organize seminars for continued education in topics such as specialized industry training, leadership development, and marketing support.


We are efficient and reliable

  • We are a national network with members on the ground where ever your customers need us.

  • We put our reputations behind all of our work and ensure each job is done right the first time.


We improve your buying power

  • We team up with lighting and equipment manufacturers and distributors.

  • We combine our purchasing power so you can offer better products at lower prices and be competitive on a national basis.


We count all companies as equal members of our group

  • We give every company an equal vote and equal voice.

  • We equally expect that all companies will abide by PLASMA’s Code of Conduct.