Our Mission

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Client Mission

As a national alliance of independently owned service providers, we offer regional and national clients the highest level of service, workmanship, and expertise for all of their lighting and signage needs, anytime, anywhere. We guarantee responsive and affordable, one-call service for commercial, industrial and government organizations.


Member Mission


We provide locally-owned lighting and sign management companies with the ability, confidence, and operational support to expand their business. By collaborating as an alliance, each member can provide nationwide service that is performed by independent companies who take pride in their work, put their reputation behind every project, and understand local laws and codes.


Our History


The concept of the PLASMA Lighting Network was born in 2001. A small group of respected individuals in the lighting industry saw a need for national, self-performing lighting maintenance companies because the larger, national companies could not cover the whole country efficiently or with the quality of service that independent entrepreneurs could provide.

The idea was to invite limited members to join the collective - members who had the expertise and quality of service to serve national customers with superior service. The association would also provide an arena where open and candid communication could benefit all of its members in operations, sales, and leads. The group could combine purchasing power to be able to uniformly offer better products at lower prices and allow the group to be competitive on a national basis.

After a year and a half of planning, the first official meeting of the PLASMA Lighting Network was held in Nashville, Tennessee in February of 2003. Member companies had been recruited and policies and procedures were in place.

The PLASMA Lighting Network is now a strong alliance of independently successful lighting and sign maintenance companies that provide high quality and efficient service across the country.